1) What Is Crypto F Transaction (Full Version) ? 
1) This program is a combination of race attack + finey attack to flash Crypto to any wallet or exchange on real time.
2) What is the Maximum amount one can flash? 
2) One can flash a maximum of 1000 BTC each transaction daily using our program.
3) Is this coins spendable? 
3) Yes, these bitcoin are spendable and transferable to multiple wallets.
4) Can we split these Crypto? 
4) Yes, you can split these bitcoin to multiple wallets after flashing.
5) Can we use these Crypto for trading? 
5) Yes, you can use it for trading on exchanges like Binance, Coinbase, Kraken, Bitfinex, Huobi etc.
6) How long the flash will remain in my wallet or exchange? 
6) After flashing, the coins will remain in the network for 21days then rejected by the network when no miner pick up the transaction.
7) Can I reverse the transaction before 21 days?
7) Yes, The Software is built with an option of canceling transaction during the validity period.
8) Is it live tracking on explorer? 
8) Yes, you can track the live transaction on blockchain explorer using TX ID, Hash, Block or Bitcoin address.
9) How many times it can be transferred from my blockchain wallet after flash it done? 
9) It can be transferred to maximum  13 wallets after flash is done.
10) Can I convert generated Bitcoin, Ethereum, USDT to other coins? 
10) Yes you can, you can also send the generated crypto to the seller in exchange for another coin using P2P.
11) What is the maximum transaction I can flash?
11) It can send up to 50 BTC per transaction, I recommend you send in little pieces for example; if you want to send a 60btc transaction, you send 20btc 3 times so your transaction doesn’t stuck in the chain
12) Why is the software for sale since it can already generate Crypto? 
12)To avoid abuse of the software and thus place a real value on it. Also, Fake Crypto has its own value. we’ve decided not to make the software free hence it is sold at a very affordable price to serious buyers. See it as buying a counterfeit spendable dollar bill with some real money.


This Software Supports Window and Mac operating system (using a cloud server).

User Friendly

Fake BTC Transaction (Core Network) is design with a friendly interface and instruction which makes it easy and friendly to Use.

Safe & Secured

Our tools are 100% safe to use with our support team working 24/7 to provide you the best experience ever!


You’ll get an activation code to activate 1 software. The code works for 1 software on 1 PC. The code will work for all time. Every code is unique.

The Software Comes With A PDF Tutorial Guide.

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