How To Use The App: Everyone Reading this page is aware that Fake Bank alerts does exist and there are many mobile and PC apps for sending fake bank alert.
If you are looking for how to make fake bank alert, this post will surely be of help but as you do, be sure to understand the consequences behind sending fake bank alert especially in Developed countries.

Note: We don’t flash people or customers account you purchase the tool and use for your own purpose!.

version 8.0 Latest update (22/05/2020)
-Bug issue Fixed
-Fixed Crashing
-Working Without VPN

version 7.5 updated (15/05/2019)
– Added exchanges
– User Interface
– User-Friendly Graphics

version 7.0 R10- updated (26/03/2019)
– targeted countries



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    Timileyin 29th January 2021 , 10:02 am

    I have flash funds before but 8 have forget my username and activation code and I don’t have any money now as I dey like this I dey poor so please I need you to help me out on giving username and activation code for free I beg if I use am run work finish I promise I will pay my Tite I swear

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    eldervictor42 11th January 2022 , 5:00 pm

    How much we I get this flash funds tools

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